Web Hosting – Secure, Blazing Fast and Reliable

A High quality website is of crucial importance for a business, especially in the digital era we are now in. More and more business transactions and sales are taking place online. A large number of maybe customers also log onto a company’s website to get more information about the company, the products it sells or the services it delivers.

A website that is too much offline, unreliable, that doesn’t display enough information will make potential clients loose interest and also if your site isn’t secure enough, sensitive information may fall into wrong hands or viruses may damage your site.

It is important to get a web hosting company, to create and maintain your site, that will give a excellent service with a 24 hour 7 days per week technical support, that is if you yourself can’t do it. There are several features in web hosting that are important for a website to fulfill it’s purposes.

There must be enough storage space on the disks of the servers where all the files with information, images and webpages can be stored. Bandwidth is of great importance, the more visitors to your website, the more data will be transferred, make sure the bandwidth is enough. for the amount of visitors to your site, so that there isn’t a system crash and the reaction speed is fast enough.

It depends on your needs, but you can have more than one website and only one account. If you have different type of activities in business or more than one business, then I want to suggest the amount of websites needed within one account. Parked domains are where one website is placed on another website or domain, traffic from the upper domain will also reach the domain it is parked
on. I will go for this option in the case you have a business that is part of a bigger group. If you want a site only for you as an individual or if you only have one small or medium size business then only one single website will be sufficient.

Lastly, make sure your web hosting will be of high quality and sufficient for your purposes. Web hosting in the digital era is extremely important, making a wrong decision can ruin your business, making the right decision will boost you or your business.

Andries J van der Walt
– Bsc Computer Science/Geography
– Computer Operator
– Computer Programming(VB.net)
– Promoting web hosting